Condé Nast Collection

Condé Nast Collection

Browse images from the New Yorker and much more


  • Attractive
  • Range of images


  • Not very interactive
  • No social network integration
  • No full screen view

Not bad

Condé Nast Collection is a Windows 8 Metro app featuring a selection of the magazine's photography and cartoons taken from its long history.

Like most launch Metro Apps, Condé Nast Collection works well - it's fast and fluid to use and fits perfectly with Microsoft's new operating system. This is nothing more then a collection of images in pretty packaging though, although there is the option to buy physical prints of any of the images in a variety of sizes.

None of the Condé Nast Collection images are downloadable, nor can you zoom in on the images you view. It's not encyclopedic either, just showing you a small collection of their best photos, cartoons and magazine covers. You can like an image, and you can also pin it to Start if you want, but the interaction stops there. No Facebook or any other social media is included.

Condé Nast Collection looks good, but is pretty limited, and isn't going to be something you want to look at more than once.

Condé Nast Collection


Condé Nast Collection

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